ACO Basic Tenet

ACO Program and Project Guidebook

Our Basic Tenant for Allied Command

Basic Resources for World Leaders

ACO Finance Committee with the Founder of ACO Spiritual Center. We are a metaphysical group of practitioners for the humanoid species kind meeting on planet called earth.

American Communications Online

Ascension Center Organization

Ascension Age Program for Self-help in spiritual growth.

A tenet is a principle or belief honored by a person or, more often, a group of people. “Seek pleasure and avoid pain” is a basic tenet of Hedonism. “God exists” is a tenet of most major religions. Tenet is pronounced “ten’it.” The word evolved from the Latin tenere “to hold.”

We have learned that pain and suffering of the humanoid species is to be regarded as a main theme Avoid pain at all cost is a lesson of the humanoid species kind. We have learned that the driving force behind humanity is to avoid suffering and death. Therefore, we support health advocates for the importance of spiritual growth and to promote suicide preventions. We also support the fact that “Alien civilizations Exist!” Also, we believe in an immortal soul that empowers us all and know that our soul will live on throughout eternity. We believe in cosmology and that there are universes expanding and that we exist in one body-mind-soul guided by an electrical energy system which drives our life force in form so that we can gather intelligence and share communication of our findings that we co-create in an observer mode while being an active participant in a back drop we call a reality base in a third dimension. We also believe in many dimensions and many universes and share this in our programs to support life elsewhere while we desire to learn how to journey into space. We support life support as health advocates, educator’s scientific analysis and research together and come together in meet up groups, and conventions to share our findings as we research and become useful as authors and speakers and practice our speech craft with webinars online on the internet in cyberspace. We are authors, visual and performing artists, communications agents, communication consultants, instructors, speakers, publicists, practitioners and teachers.